Cat Grooming

Cat grooming - new changes!

Due to the fact that I am no longer at the vet clinic and therefor have no access to full knock out sedation, I am very picky about which cats I can groom.  I can only groom your cat if it is a nice kitty (non biter when scared). I charge $150 and depending on their attitude, it may or may not include a bath. If they are becoming super stressed, I usually forgo an even more stressful bath.  I usually book first thing in the morning or during my lunch hour when I can eliminate most distraction, ie. Dogs and customers.

I do highly recommend visiting the vet to discuss mild sedation options to give prior to the appt, just so I can get more done with the limited time that the cats allow me to groom them for.
If you are interested in my services, just let me know then we can for sure find something for you!

Basic Trim: 
The perfect in between variation for those of you not ready to "bare it all" with a lion cut. This treatment begins with a nail trim for both front and back feet, an ear cleaning, gland expressal and then continuing with a trim from 1/8" to 1".  Is your furbaby also in need of a sanitary shave down below? This treatment is also perfect for those of you kitties carrying around some extra baggage. The basic trim also comes complete with a full Brazilian sanitary shave in their nether regions. Your feline is then pampered with a warm bath, so they are left soft and silky for you to cuddle when you go home!

Lion/Tiger  Trim:
 Is your inner lion wanting or needing to come out to play? This is the perfect service for you! Starting with a nail trim  for both the front and back feet, ear cleaning, gland expressal, then continuing with a full shave into a lion cut pattern and followed up with a de-greasing treatment to take away any oils or dead skin cells. Finishing with a lovely warm bath to soften your fur & skin, you will go home ready to "roar!" with the best of them!

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