Dog Grooming

My Pricing is as follows and reflects the new adjustment for April 15, 2022. 

We found that since most large breeds come in once to twice a year, and vary GREATLY in size and maintenance, we were losing money quoting or setting base prices.  We now just charge out at $70 an hour.  We don't expect our customers to come in every 8 weeks, and so thus charge accordingly for our time and effort.

Prices consists of nail trimming, anal gland expressing, Bath (Specialty shampoo if needed), Hydro Massage, Blow Dry, Hair Cut (Not on large breeds), Foot Trim, Brush Out (Unless horribly matted, then price will be reflected), and a thorough body check for any Lumps, Bumps, Scratches, or Rashes. Please note that the prices do not include GST. 

We are unable to do a fast cheap groom.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can "cut out" to make our time go faster. You will be charged for the time your pup is worked on, not for the time in our salon.

Super Small Dogs $65

Chihuahua (Short) 
Chihuahua crosses are in the 'Medium group'
Small thin coated Pugs
Toy Fox Terrier

Small/Medium Dogs $70+

Basset Hound
Bichon / Bichon X
Chihuahua (Long Haired)
Coon Hounds
Lhasa Apso
Labs (Purebred)
Maltese / Maltese X
Miniature Schnauzer
Mini/ Toy Poodle/ Poodle X
Old English Bulldog
Pomeranian / Pom X
Larger Hairier Pugs

Shih-Tzu / Shih-Tzu X
Silky Terrier
Westie / Westie X - clipped
Yorkie / Yorkie X

Hand Stripping:

Sorry, I no longer do Hand Stripping


Medium/Large - $70/ hour

Please note, most of these breeds should be done in an hour to 2 hours.  We recommend daily/weekly combing for you to maintain a cheaper price.  Honestly, you should be brushing your dog - just like your own hair, daily/weekly.

American Eskimo (Mini)
Australian Shepherd
Border Collie
some Border Collie X's
Cocker Spaniel:  $105  (Short shave offs may be priced less and longer fuller haircuts may be more.)
Cocker Spaniel X's
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Shiba Inu

Premium Teeth Brushing: $12

This is an ultimate tool in fighting plaque build-up and helping to maintain optimal fresh breath! Teeth are cleaned with an electric sensitive toothbrush, veterinary quality enzymatic toothpaste, and scrubbed with a tooth polish with Charcoal whitener.

Large/ x-Large:

We no longer groom massive breeds. ie: Mastiffs, Great Danes, Komondors, or anything over 100 lbs.

Alaskan Malamute
Bearded Collie
Bernese Mountain Dog
Chow Chow - $150+ (No Longer Groom)
Doodle's - Starting at Small: $80+, Medium: $105+, Large: $70/hr -Depends on length of hair - Shave off is cheaper than scissoring
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever - Starting at $100
Great Pyrenees - (No Longer Groom)
Komondor - $200+ (No Longer Groom)
Lab (Purebred) - $70 (Thicker coats or larger sizes will be more)
Old English Sheepdog
Soft Coated Wheaten
Springer Spaniel
Standard Poodle

Single Services: $20+ each

Save $5.00 when combining 2 single services on a single dog
Anal Glands Expressing $25
Eye Clip
Nail Clipping
Sanitary Clipping
Ear Plucking

Add Ons

Detoxifying Spa Treatment
Small Breeds: $15
Large Breeds: $20

Natrix Naturals Spa Experience: $12

Natrix Naturals Nose and Paw Rejuvenator: $10

Spoiled Rotten Dog: $50

CBD Oil: Large Breed: $15
CBD Oil: Small Breeds: $10

Nail Dremeling: $10

Almost daily I get a call or two from someone asking "How Much?"
I think the more important questions are "How much are you willing to pay?" and "Do you want a GOOD groomer or just a cheap haircut?" 
This certainly is NOT the cheapest salon.  If you want a cheap haircut, I would probably look elsewhere. 

First let’s look at what I do, so you know where your money goes.

* I am my own secretary. I answer my phones, and talk to walk in clients, answering questions, scheduling appointments, and take payments.
* I do my own books at the end of each day, and month, and year.
* I have to clean and maintain my blades, scissors, dryers, tables, tub, kennels, clippers, brushes, combs, nail clippers, etc etc...
* I order and purchase all my own supplies and make sure the things I need are in stock.
* I clean the salon, and anyone who walks in after I just finished de-shedding a hairy dog will know that I have my work cut out for me!
* I offer the animals water, and promptly clean up any pee, poop, or puke messes that may occur in the salon.  Sometimes I may have to groom them again because they messed themselves in the kennel waiting for their owners.
* I have to wash towels and grooming clothing, and wash the "wet dog" smell off of myself at the end of the day, while picking out hair splinters and cleaning any wounds I have received from sharp nails, nicking myself, or occasionally teeth! 
* I stretch and strengthen my muscles to keep them fit enough to handle wrestling with unruly animals, and often need to resort to chiropractic care or massage therapy, just so I can walk upright.
* If I am ever sick or hurt bad enough, I have no disability being self employed and no one to take over my job. If I don't work, I do not get any compensation.
* I continue to educate myself by reading grooming magazines, attending seminars and workshops, competing in dog grooming, and exchanging information through groomer forums and groomer meetings.  This can involve some traveling, as many of these competitions and workshops are far from home and not free!
* I assess the overall health of the dog by looking at and feeling the skin and coat, all over!  I see what's in their anal glands, how clean and healthy the ears are, how clean and healthy the teeth are, and how clear and healthy the eyes are.  I find lumps, bumps, cuts and hot spots.  I naturally treat any minor problems involving skin and coat with treatments, and anything that needs Veterinary attention I promptly let you know to make an appointment.
* I train the dogs to accept the grooming procedure, and to stay calm and still as best as possible during the short amount of time I have them in my care.

Oh... and did I mention that I GROOM THE DOGS TOO!

That includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, emptying the anal glands, brushing the teeth if wanted, washing the coat/skin with high quality shampoo (two washes, and if the coat is really greasy a third or fourth), I condition the coat if necessary, and hand dry the coats when required to get a nice even finish!  I trim the entire coat, if necessary, and this can include feet, bum, genitals, ears, face, body, legs, tail, or I just trim what is needed or requested by the owner. The dog will be groomed to your liking, as long as it is a realistic request.  Shedding dogs will get a thorough de-shedding where I remove as much undercoat as possible.  

I do brush mats to a point!  Many salons do not de-mat PERIOD but on most dogs the mats can be removed, but this is done at your own risk as some irritation may occur during the process, and if the coat is TOO MATED, then it will be clipped down, as mat removal can be quite uncomfortable or even painful for the dog.  Some tolerate more than others, and I will only go as far as the DOG allows.  With my specialized techniques I can usually save more coat than the average groomer, so your dog isn't completely bald after a mat removing session.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO BRUSH AND COMB YOUR DOGS AND BRING THEM TO THE GROOMERS OFTEN TO PREVENT THE DISCOMFORT OF DEVELOPING AND REMOVING MATS!

Oh and I need holidays too, and don't get paid for stats or get any sort of a v
acation pay! 
So back to the original question... "HOW MUCH?!?"
Obviously there are many factors that go into pricing a groom, such as size of dog, behaviour of dog, coat texture/type, coat/skin condition, coat density (drying time), and the chosen grooming style!  Mostly I charge by how long it takes me and how much my body aches after grooming that dog :-).
Typically I charge for hands on time spent on the dog.  I don't charge for the entire time the dog is in my care. Prices are approximate.

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